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Hearts beat to the drum



In Kaiseki culture, there is nothing more important than celebrating the seasons. To signify the changing seasons, we use flowers for plate and interior decoration.  Indeed the name "Hannah" evolved from the Japanese word  (Hana).  We wish to create a total sensory experience - sight, smell, sound, touch and taste.



Our culinary approach merges diverse cultural elements and cooking techniques from Japan and UK. Our focus on local, fresh produce allows us to offer a seasonally changing Omakase course that surprises and delights.  

Kaiseki, beyond


Kaiseki, is quite simply, traditional Japanese haute cuisine. In our Omakase course, Chef Daisuke merges the tradition of Kaiseki with his liberal, free-flowing coalescence of technique and ingredients that deliciously breaks the mould. We also celebrate the artistry of sushi beyond traditional nigiri and noodles. 


Our Omakase dish flow follows Kaiseki style.

- Sakizuke 先付 (Appetizer)    - Hassun  (Second course)    - Mukozuke 向付 (Sashimi)

- Hutamono 蓋物 (Steamed dish or Soup)    - Yakimono 焼物 (Grilled dish)    

- Shizakana 強肴 (Main dish or Simmered dish)    - Gohan (Rice dish)    - Mizumono 水物 (Dessert)



Dashi stock is at the heart of Japanese cuisine and the intricate flavour is central to so much.  There is a difference in taste and consistency between Japanese and London water. This important detail was noted by Chef Daisuke who has meticulously researched and experimented to achieve the best results from his London-made Dashi.


In Kaiseki, the Utsuwa (vessel) acts as a silent protagonist, playing as significant a role as the culinary wonders they hold.  Utsuwa is expressions of nature and the seasons. Within certain traditions, the balance of the dish and the choice of dishes are also expressions of the chef's aesthetics. We combine Japanese and British ceramics, glassware, Urushi lacquer and antiques to reflect the chef’s unique view of the world.



We are committed to sustainability.  We are mindful of food waste and particularly its environmental impact. Our team achieves this by using all parts of fish, meat and produce. Gill to tail, all parts of every fish are used. Even our Daikon turnip tops and peel are used!  

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