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Daisuke Shimoyama

I started out aged 15 at my uncles restaurant in Kanagawa, Japan cleaning dishes. from the moment I entered that kitchen, I had a dream of what my own restaurant would look like, where it would be.

I then trained for many years, leaning the art of traditional kappo cuisine at places such as Ryugin Nihonryori, while also receiving a professional sake and wine sommelier licence. I picked up more skills on the way, learning how to process the over 1 kg size of eel. I gained the know-how to even fillet the notorious puffer fish, it has a delicious flavour. 

I moved to London with that same dream, and became head chef at Umu in Mayfair. After 6 years at Umu, I opened up Hannah. And even though there may have been times where I had to feel like a chef, a carpenter, a kitchen porter and a waiter at the same time, I have built the restaurant I had dreamed about as a 15 year old boy.


I have created an seasonal  omakase tasting menu at Hannah, integrating European and Japanese philosophy, using the best of local British produce, paring with Sake and wines from my sommelier certification and plating on Japanese pottery and British antiques, to give you a complex and original experience that you won’t forget. 


We look forward to seeing you soon.