Daisuke Shimoyama

Daisuke Shimoyama was trained for several years at the Michelin three-starred restaurant in Japan. Following his time in Japan, Daisuke worked as the Head Chef at Michelin 2-Star restaurant in Mayfair London for six years. 

With the skills acquired from over twenty years of cooking experience, Daisuke also experts at properly processing the Puffer Fish besides the others.

Apart from being a passionate and skillful chef, Daisuke is also a professional certified Sommelier of both sake and wine, specialising in all aspect of sake and wine service as well as wine and food pairing.

With his solid and extensive experience and profesional skills, Daisuke opened his very own restaurant  HANNAH 

where the delicacy and elegance are formed and well delivered.


HANNAH uses fresh local produce along with imported specialised Japanese ingredients to give an authentic and pure experience. Most of the fish we use are locally sourced from Cornwall, nothing from sea life aquarium. 

Being the Award Winning Barbate Import, our Tuna is directly received from Spain, which gives an extra distinct butter-like soft taste. 

In the meanwhile, being highly skilled, Shimoyama managed to make HANNAH one of the very few restaurants in London that are able to process the over-1kg-sized Eel. 

Compared to the plain traditional Japanese dishes, the fine  integration of  the European and Japanese elements at HANNAH provides a much more complex and original  experience that cannot be found in Japan nor elsewhere.

We aim to make your visit to HANNAH both memorable and unique.