Dear Guests,

Please kindly note that Hannah is temporarily closed now, but Takeaway is available from 12pm-7pm, Tuesday to Sunday.

We hope that during COVID-19 quarantine time, tasty and high quality food could be more affordable to most of the people to lighten up their days, so we're doing 50% OFF on all from our Takeaway Food Menu.


We sincerely hope you all stay safe, eat well, and think well. 




HANNAH uses fresh local produce along with imported specialised Japanese ingredients to give an authentic and pure experience. Most of the fish we use are locally sourced from the fishermen in Cornwall, nothing from sea life aquarium. Being the Award Winning Barbate Import, our Tuna is directly received from Spain, which gives an extra distinct butter-like soft taste.

In the meanwhile, being highly skilled, Daisuke managed to make HANNAH one of the very few restaurants in London that are able to process the over-1kg-sized Eel. 

Compared to the plain traditional Japanese dishes, the fine  integration of  the European and Japanese elements at HANNAH provides a much more complex and original  experience that cannot be found in Japan nor elsewhere.

We aim to make your visit to HANNAH both memorable and unique.





Southbank Riverside, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 7PB, UK

TEL : 020 3802 0402



                                 Tue - Sun: 12pm -7pm

                                  ( Takeaway Only )

                                 Monday: Closed