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Hannah sprouted in the refreshing breeze in 2017 at Westminster, London. It opened as a restaurant that expresses "moments" and "seasons" captured in a fleeting moment, pursuing a new evolution on the integration of Japan and the UK.


Rather than just a combination of the diverse cultures within the UK, Hannah’s cuisine presented on the plate also aims to express the sceneries that are naturally created from the crossing timelines of both Japan and the UK, with a desire to provide our guests with a different level of hospitality through the changing seasons, colours, and ingredients.


At Hannah, we depict the seasons in our Omakase course using the local British produces with five traditional Japanese cooking methods - raw, boil, grill, fry and steam. Our Omakase course is not just about sushi, but also a variety of other food cultures.

What’s more, we are particular about the tableware that could bring out the colour, elegance, and the Wabi-sabi concept of the food. By choosing the traditional Japanese and British potteries, porcelains, glasswares and vessels that are specially created by fine ceramicists, Hannah hopes to convey its unique view of the world.


Regarding the sustainable development, Hannah always keeps in mind of the food wastage, with the highest respect for our nature and producers. There is a saying in Japan that goes “There is no part of the fish to be thrown away.” For us, it is a natural and right thing to do, using everything, from the fish head to its tail. This concept is popular and adopted fully in the preparation for Sashimi and Sushi. However, at Hannah it still applies even when it comes to the turnips. The head of the turnip will not be discarded either, instead it is to be slowly simmered, or charcoal-grilled with salt. As for the skin of the turnip, it is to be pickled with vinegar after being parboiled.


Even in places where people can’t see, we cannot cut corners on the making of Daishi, one of the most basic yet important elements that lays the basis for Japanese cuisine and invisibly underpins the flavour for the Omakase course menu at Hannah. The Chef studied the differences of the water nature between Japan and the UK, and paid extra attention on how to prepare various Dashi stock at its best. Specific ingredients are selected attentively, and by being soaked in the water or carefully heated up for a period of time, the essence of its flavour are extracted. Even the remains of the stock, such as the Kombu seaweed and the Bonito flakes, are to be sprinkled on top of some dishes to further highlight them.


As for the changing of seasons, we believe there might be no better messenger than the flowers. Flowers present us with all the colours of the rainbows throughout different seasons. By naming our restaurant Hannah, I believe and truly hope that it would share and delivers to our guests the same values and five senses as the flowers convery - the sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste.

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Omakase Menu

Course meal that’s delicately prepared by Chef to lead down a path to an authentic and pure experience of Japanese cuisine.

Will have 2hour and 45 minutes

from booking time


Omakase Menu

(Sat & Sun)

Course meal that’s delicately prepared by Chef to lead down a path to an authentic and pure experience of Japanese cuisine.

Can enjoy from £45


Wednesday - Friday  6 - 9 pm

Saturday  - Sunday: 12 - 2 pm, 6 - 9 pm

Monday, Tuesday: Closed

Address: County Hall, Southbank Riverside, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 7PB

Opening Hours
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